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Sponsored Webinars

Position your company as a thought leader with a webinar hosted and marketed by Chief Learning Officer and get the full reach of your target audience. With a leading technology platform, webinars are marketed to up to 140,000 members to drive registrations and leads.

You provide the content and speaker for this one-hour live webinar. Then you receive contact information for all registrants following the webinar.


  • Intro from Chief Learning Officer.
  • Single presenter (from your company) or co-presenter
    (you and a client/partner) walk through presentation on your topic.
  • Concludes with 10 to 15 minute Q&A.

PRICE: $15,000

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Clients tell us these tactics work well with sponsored webinars:

  • Spotlight Webinars
  • Pay-Per-Lead
  • Live Events

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