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Native Advertising

More effective, powerful and engaging than traditional web banners, native advertising aligns your message alongside Chief Learning Officer’s online editorial content. Native ads are embedded within the content of the webpage and naturally flow with the user experience.

Presented in the format, visual style and voice of the technology platform on which they appear, native ads offer useful and valuable information that demands attention from our highly engaged audience.


  • Consumers look at native ads 52 percent more frequently than banner ads.
  • Native Advertising Generates 85 to 93 percent more clicks than banner ads.
  • Purchase intent is 53 percent higher for native ads.
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  • Contextual.
  • Geographic.
  • Device.
  • Demographic.


  • 2 sponsors: 50 percent SOV $8,000 

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Clients tell us these tactics work well with native ads:

  • Sponsored Content Newsletters
  • Pay-Per-Lead Opportunities
  • Event Sponsorships

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