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Industry Insights White Papers

Chief Learning Officer Industry Insights white papers use relevant content and strategic targeting to generate higher quality leads and position your organization as an industry expert with valuable solutions to offer. You can incorporate informative visual elements such as charts, graphs, infographics and images — along with a photo and bio of the author — to draw in readers instantly, establish connection and deliver real value that resonates with prospects.

Chief Learning Officer Industry Insights white papers don’t simply generate high quality leads. They fill your sales pipeline with truly viable opportunities. To optimize lead generation, your white paper is actively marketed for 6 months to decision-makers across the key CLO channels that reach your prime audience — including newsletters, social media, dedicated e-blasts, custom web banners and a custom-landing page.

A PDF version of your stand-alone white paper is posted on the Chief Learning Officer website,, and repeatedly promoted. Registration is required for all PDF downloads generating new leads for six months. To take your thought leadership, brand exposure and lead generation to a new level, white paper content also is published in Chief Learning Officer magazine as a feature article style essay designed to enlighten readers on best practices and position your organization as an expert.


  • Unique social media promotions.
  • Web banners on our publication websites.
  • Featured placement in our weekly Tools emails.
  • Additional promotions in our sponsored E-Blasts.

PRICE: $10,000

Need your Industry Insights white paper written for you? Writing services available for $1,000 per paper.

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Clients tell us these tactics work well with industry insights white papers:

  • Pay-Per-Lead
  • Native Advertising
  • Print & Digital Edition Ads
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